Vehicle components, aluminium profiles, plastic parts, accessories and spare parts for truck, trailer and agricultural industry: NVK Co. LTD STI product range aims to cover all required parts.
Founded by Mr. Cengiz MUEZZINOGLU in 2014, a time at which commercial/ agricultural vehicles‘ parts had needed in a fast and qualitive way, The company is now trading to all over the world.

Constantly growing and expanding into new markets in countries all over the world, NVK centers their core business around spare part manufacturing, with products ranging from trailers,/trucks and agricultural equipments’ parts.

Truely manufactured NVK’s products have become staples in their industries through forward-thinking business approaches and extensive detail on exceptional product quality.

NVK is developing solutions that solve logistical needs on a global scale. With an overarching goal to be a leading global supplier of first-class transportation equipment, NVK serves to create value for their shareholders, deliver quality to their customers, and provide opportunities for advancement and growth for every associate worldwide.

NVK has never been satisfied with what NVK  has done so far, but always struggle to come up with new and creative entrepreneurial ideas to challenge of a socially and economically changing the world.

We find the optimum solution to any and all problems – from inexpensive components right through to customized offers.